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September 2011


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Employee Spotlight

Tony Alarcón

Feature Article

Windows 8 Changes Everything


Boost PC Performance

New Technology 

A Car built for the CLOUD

Ask Zindy

"Placeholder" Text in Word



13th Annual

San Antonio CPA CE Symposium


ENTRUST is a proud sponsor of the CPA Society's Annual Symposium.


For more information:


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CREW-tini Mix-Off



We created our very own super-secret cocktail for this great cause!


If you're interested in attending this event:


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QUESTION: Is there a way to randomly generate placeholder text in Word?


ANSWER: Yes! There is actually a formula you can use in WORD 2007 or 2010 to generate random text. Here's how:


In Word, type one of the following formulas and press Enter:






Presto! You now have three different types of placeholder texts to choose from.


For Step-by-Step Instructions:


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Your Guide to

A Cloud Computing Strategy

5 Questions to Ask Your Crystal Ball

By Mitch Sowards


Much like peering into a crystal ball,

trying to decide if going to the Cloud is right for your company is a murky business, and even when some things appear clear, people must still draw upon their instincts


We developed five questions to help you make good decisions about moving (or not moving) to the Cloud. Join us as we peer into the Crystal Ball…



We will not be conducting a poll this month, but be sure to check back next month for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card.


Congratulations to our August Poll winner, Daniel C. from Texas Association of Professionals Federal Credit Union.






Tony Alarcón

Sales & Marketing Manager


More on Tony »



Windows 8 Changes Everything


Windows 8 is a completely revamped operating system built for

both tablets and traditional computers. The new tablet interface takes the windows out of Windows, turning the entire notion of "PC" into something new. Article from businessinsider.com.


10 Things to Boost PC Performance


Does your PC performance need a kick in the pants? These simple steps will help speed things up. Article from techrepublic.com.

  • Remove Junk & Malware
  • Defrag
  • Upgrade Video Card, and more...


New Technology:  

Hybrid Car Built for the CLOUD


The vehicle intends to be a showcase for intuitive in-car tech, from the Microsoft-based Sync and MyFordTouch telematics systems to its hybrid electric powertrain, that will appear in future Ford vehicles. Article from SmartPlanet.com.


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