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October 2011


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Mat Burdette

Review: Apple iPhone 4S

Is it a worthwhile upgrade?

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Quick Print in Outlook 2010


10.31 Happy Halloween!



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 Mat Burdette


Proactive Services Specialist


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Question: What is the "Quick Print" feature in Outlook, and how does it work?


Answer:  Quick Print is a great way to instantly print your email attachments from Outlook without having to open the attachment and wait for the program to load.


Here's how: In Outlook 2010, find the attachment icon either in the message preview pane or when you open the email message. Right-click on the attachment icon and select Quick Print* from the drop-down menu. This will send one copy to print to your DEFAULT printer.


CAUTION: This is not recommended if you are not sure that the PAGE LAYOUT is set to print correctly. If you are unsure of the print settings OR if you want to print to a printer other than your default printer, then you will need to open the document and preview it first.


More on Printing in Outlook:

Printing Using the Ribbon






Technology Planning Guide Part 2


A few months ago we explored the philosophy of Riding the Technology Wave (read previous article) and avoiding:

  • the hell of being swamped by New Technologies
  • OR the perpetual purgatory of trying to paddle up the inside of the oncoming wave  



In this guide, we're exploring Practical Methods of implementing that philosophy and the BENEFITS you can expect from doing so.


October Poll: Technology Planning


Submit your response by 5:00 Friday, October 21 for your chance to win a $25 Restaurant Gift Card! One winner will be randomly selected every month.  

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Apple iPhone 4S:

Expert Review


The iPhone 4S sports the same basic design as last year's model, but the new iOS 5, Siri voice assistant, and a much-improved camera set it apart. Is it a worthwhile upgrade? Article from CNET.com.



New Technology:  Ultrabooks - New Concept


An Ultrabook is a computer in a category of thin and lightweight ultraportable laptops.


The Acer Aspire S3 is the closest you can get to the look and feel of an UltraBook like the MacAir for around $900, but it requires a few compromises. Article from CNET.com.


Intel estimates that:

"By the end of 2012, 40% of the consumer laptop market segment will be Ultrabooks."


How-To: Create Better Presentations


12 tips for creating better PowerPoint presentations.


Including How to:

  • Grab viewers' attention

  • Communicate clearly

  • Stay in control of your presentation




Article from Microsoft.com.

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