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   May 2016


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Outsmart Cybercriminals with Windows 10

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Enterprise-network builder Ubiquiti Networks to offer home Wi-Fi routers

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Why internet links are blue, and what Google's 'black' experiment means

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The threat landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years. It seems every day we hear another headline about an organization getting breached. We've responded by changing the architecture of Windows 10 so that we're not just building bigger walls against these attacks; we're locking the criminals out. Windows 10 provides a comprehensive set of protections against modern security threats. 


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Enterprise-network builder Ubiquiti Networks to offer home Wi-Fi routers.


Ubiquiti Networks, best known for building enterprise and service provider networking solutions, announced today it's formed a new division, Ubiquiti Labs, to research and develop consumer electronics devices. Ubiquiti Labs' first product-dubbed AmpliFi- will be a $199 802.11ac router that will come with two pre-paired range extenders in the box when it ships this summer.


For as long as there has been a public Internet, links or, more accurately, hyperlinks have been blue and often underlined. In 1993, at the dawn of the modern World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, who is often regarded as the father of the Internet, chose blue underlined text because, it is believed, it stood out from all the black text surrounding it.




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