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May 2014


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Heartbleed and Entrust

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Kids React to Walkmans

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How To View Side-by-side Apps on Windows 8

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Goodbye XP

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         Heartbleed and Entrust


Earlier this month it was announced widely that a new internet exploit had been discovered and nicknamed "Heartbleed". It was widely reported that users were at risk for having their passwords stolen from compromised websites and users were encouraged to immediately change their passwords on all of the various websites they use. Here is a quick summary of how Heartbleed will (or won’t) affect you as an ENTRUST customer.




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                 Kid's React to Walkmans

Let's stroll down memory lane and NOT feel old, but feel lucky to have been a part of the beginning and growth of technology. However, this hilarious video of kids reacting to walkmans definitely make me feel old.

Check out these other 14 super cool tech supplies from the 90s, here

"The clunky technology of the '90s paved the way for innovations in today's classrooms, and growing up in that time period was an adventure."

                                                            -Brian Koerber


How To View Side-by-Side Apps in Windows 8 


On Windows 8, there are no overlapping windows in TileWorld, the newly-designed, “Metro” side of Windows. So, the headache of trying to find one window in a haystack is over.Article from yahoo.com.


                    Goodbye XP

Don't forget about April 8th, 2014! The support of Windows XP is coming to an end. 


Click here to read more about why you should start thinking about replacing your computer 



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