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Microsoft Improves File Discovery in SharePoint 2016

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The Case That Turns Your Smartphone Into a Game Boy

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Using Microsoft Outlook to schedule meetings at Starbucks

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One of the coolest things that Microsoft has done to improve the file discovery process is to create something called Intelligent Discovery. In the past, when a user wanted to work with a particular file, the user had to go looking for the file before they could use it. The idea behind Intelligent Discovery is that rather than a user having to hunt for the files that they need, the files can find the user. 

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The Case That Turns Your Smartphone Into a Game Boy Was Shown Working at E3

Designed to be a better way to play retro games on your smartphone without having to resort to awful on-screen touchscreen controls, the Smart Boy has a button layout, and color scheme, reminiscent of Nintendo’s original Game Boy. It even accepts classic Game Boy cartridges via a slot on the back, presumably via emulation hardware inside, and using a smartphone as just a display.


Microsoft added a Starbucks add-in that allows you to send gift cards and book meetings inside Outlook.This means that you can easily send a "thank you" cup of coffee or schedule a meeting at your nearby Starbucks location while you're looking at a related email.




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