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Apr-Jun 2012


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Linked In Breach

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Reggie Rolla

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San Antonio CPA Society 2012 Member Appreciation Day 



7.8.2012 - 7.12.2012

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto




Reggie Rolla

Proactive Services Specialist


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ENTRUST is proud to announce that we are one of San Antonio's BEST PLACES to Work

Highlights from our IT Panel Discussion: Microsoft Myths Exposed & More


If you weren't able to attend our IT Panel Discussion last month, we've included highlights from some of the commonly asked questions in this whitepaper. Also, be sure to read about our Follow up Q&A Session on Facebook below.


IT Panel Discussion Highlights 



Join us for a Follow-up Q&A LIVE on Facebook


Since we werent' able to include all of the GREAT content we discussed at the event, we'll be hosting a Follow-UP Q&A session, LIVE on Facebook Tomorrow at Noon. 


Be sure to read the Whitepaper (above) and post any additional questions on our Facebook Post. Mitch will be online to answer your questions tomorrow from Noon to 1pm.


LinkedIn Breach: What members (and others) Need to Know


Hackers have apparently accessed close to 6.5 million hashed passwords from a LinkedIn database and posted them and data associated with them online. So far, researchers say, about 60% of the unique passwords in the dump have been cracked and there are signs that the rest will soon be as well.


Here's some information for LinkedIn users specifically, and all Internet users in general. Article from ComputerWorld.com.


If you have a LinkedIn Account, we recommend you change your Password as soon as possible. 

See our IT Panel Discussion whitepaper for tips on the most Secure passwords.

IPv6: 5 Things You Should Know


Last week, IPv6 went live. For as long as there has been an Internet IPv4 has been synonymous with IP and nobody really stopped to think about which version of the protocol it was. But, IPv4 has outlived its usefulness. Article from PCWorld.com

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Our Fiesta Party Pictures are now on FB:




Does your Phone know how Happy you are?

Who among us has never growled like a cave person at their laptop? Or giggled uncontrollably into a smartphone? Exactly. So there are good reasons why the emotion-recognition industry is quickly gearing up--and leading to innovations with all sorts of interesting implications. Article from FastCompany.com.

 Guess who's pup visited us last Friday:


Photo: Happy Friday! Last week's pet belongs to Todd F., from our Reactive Services Team. Guess whose pup is visiting this Friday:


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