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Nintendo's New Magic

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YouTube is plotting an online TV service

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There’s a new form of ransomware—apparently built by amateurs—that takes your money but deletes your personal files anyway.Ransomware's scary premise prompts many people to fork over the dough in order to save their photos and other content. Ranscam ignores conventional ransomware behavior, however, and deletes the victim’s content long before they have a chance to pay up. 


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Nintendo's New Magic

Nintendo has finally gotten their head out of the Koopa shell and accepted a world outside of specialized hardware being the key to most casual gaming success. Pokemon Go is a unique experiment, but one guaranteed from the beginning to succeed. Bringing Pokemon, a title beloved by children and adults of all ages, to the real world allows you to recreate the in-game world in parks and thoroughfares everywhere. It makes the fantasy real, if only for a moment, and this is a wildly important consideration.


YouTube may be the next company that aims to build a full-blown television service delivered over the Internet. The launch is planned for the next six to nine months with a tentative list of partners that includes ESPN, CBS, and ABC, with others to come. The price was rumored to be $35 per month, which would be competitive with PlayStation Vue (depending on the package you choose) and Sling TV.




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