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Highlights from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

By Mitch Sowards

July 1st marked the beginning of Microsoft's new fiscal year, which was kicked off with a huge week-long conference celebrating their successes over the past year, and announcing big plans for the upcoming year. More than 15,000 partners from  150 countries attended this year's conference, which was held in Toronto, and Mitch was lucky enough to be among the crowd.


Besides coming home with all kinds of fun give-aways and promotional items, Mitch brings us his first-hand knowledge of exciting news and big changes. Here are some highlights from this exclusive partner event...


Microsoft Conference Highlights 



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Can a Windows 8 Tablet replace your iPad?


Microsoft has announced that the official launch date of its latest operating system (OS), Windows 8, is October 26. When the touchscreen-friendly OS becomes widely available on tablet devices later this year, will it make the current incumbent, the Apple iPad, look less appealing in comparison? Article from Cnet.com.


Microsoft Office 2013: Hands-on Preview


Ahead of Microsoft's big news Monday Microsoft provided PCWorld with two Windows 8 tablets (no, not the Surface) and access to the customer preview versions of both Office 2013 and the cloud-based Office 365.


Here's a look at how the software suite runs on laptop, desktop touchscreen, and tablet platforms. Article from PCWorld.com


S O C I A L   M E D I A   S N A P S H O T


   Recent Posts from our Facebook Page...

5 Brilliant People-Management Tools

Whether you need to organize your HR department or just tasks, here are some cool tools. Article from Inc.com.


Check out Mitch's pics from Microsoft WPC:


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