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January 2015


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Mark your calendars for February 18th for our quarterlyTechnology Showcase.



Click HERE to register!


Back by popular demand: our next technology showcase will include a panel of some of our most dependable and trustworthy ENTRUST experts to answer any and all the technology questions you have!  This is a great opportunity to talk to some of our most knowledgeable consultants.  ENTRUST partners with Dell, Microsoft, and other tech giants to be a leader in technology in San Antonio.  Please join us on February 18th for an ENTRUST panel discussion.




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         The Value of Doing Things Right

                        Part 1 of 2

If you were going to have heart surgery, you would only allow an experienced professional to do the job, of course.  But beyond that, given two supposedly equally experienced surgeons, you would want to assign the task to the one you most believed would “do the job right”.  The same logic ought to apply to your I.T. services company too.  Unfortunately, too often people believe that I.T. service companies are “all the same”.   This whitepaper will explore the real value that comes from doing business with an I.T. service company that is dedicated to “doing things right”.


Engadget's editors have been hard at work pounding the show floor  in Las Vegas to bring you what Engadget thinks should win the coveted Best of CES awards. Now, we're ready to announce our finalists for all 15 categories, which range from best home theater product to the most innovative tech we've seen at the show.


Windows 7 Mainstream Support Ends Today  


As of today Windows 7 has moved from mainstream support -- free help for everyone -- to extended support, which means Microsoft will charge for help with the software. That will end in 2020, when Microsoft turns out the light on Windows 7 for good.


"Windows 7 was released in 2009. It sold over 100 million copies in six months and remains hugely popular. More stable than predecessor Windows Vista and more familiar than its radically redesigned successor Windows 8 , version 7 is still estimated to be running half of the world's PCs."

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