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January 2013


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5 Bargains for 2013

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ENTRUST Announces:

2012 Worrywart of the Year



ENTRUST promises to give our customers an "unmatched level of care and attention" and we wouldn't be able to make that promise without the help of our wonderful "Worrywart" staff.



Here are the nominees:




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Register early for our Microsoft Office365 Technology Showcase on February 21, for a personal tour of Office365.


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Plus test drive our variety of Mobile Devices, including Microsoft Surface Tablets, Dell Ultrabook, Asus Tablet and iPad.



Microsoft Launching Surface PRO


The second wave of Microsoft's tablet assault comes next month. The company announced today that the second version of its Surface tablet -- the Surface Windows 8 Pro. Article from ABCNews.com.




 "This could be the laptop-tablet all-in-one you have been waiting for." 

5 Technology Bargains for 2013


Redbox's new streaming service, economically priced Ultrabooks, and slashed prices on HDTVs are expected at Consumer Electronics Show. Article from mnn.com




How To Make Your Job More Flexible


If you’re sitting at your desk right now wishing you could work from home, switch teams, have fewer in-person meetings, or work different hours, we’ve got some good news for you: There are plenty of ways to make your traditional office job more flexible. Article from Forbes.com.

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