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February 2015


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The Value of Doing Things Right - Part Two

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Microsoft and Music Sharing

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         The Value of Doing Things Right

                        Part 2 of 2

ENTRUST is faithful about performing our responsibilities and intuitively believe that you should have a better computing experience than otherwise because of it. But how does this translate into “value” for our customers?   In this article, you will find an approach to putting a dollar value on “doing things right”.   We will first explore the “Cost of Downtime” then we will explore the concept of a “Proactive Score”.

Click HERE to catch up on part 1.


While many of the devices we use every day depend on WiFi -- everything from our smartphones to our TVs -- most home WiFi networks are still woefully slow compared to their wired alternatives. Enter Eero, a small San Francisco startup that aims to bring home WiFi into the future. How? By combining the functions of a router, a range extender and a repeater into a single device, thus making the Eero a complete WiFi system for the home. Wirelessly connect two or more Eeros together and you've got an instant mesh network, no IT degree required.


Microsoft tips that family music sharing is next for Cortana, OneDrive 


As Microsoft's Windows interface evolves, Cortana will begin to replace general search functions, stepping in when users search for a particular file. The assistant already serves as a user interface of sorts for setting reminders and asking fact-based questions, competing with Google’s Google Now and Apple’s Siri—the assistants on those respective platforms.


"Family will be able to share songs, much in the same way that a family can share games on an Xbox One. Sure, you can maintain a communal server of music that anybody with the right password can tap into. And let’s face it: Doing a quick copy of your sister’s MP3 collection takes a few minutes. But it’s still a convenience that rival services don’t offer."


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