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February 2014


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Happy Valentine's Day from your favorite IT company!!


“[In] 2012 we filed the largest number of patents in the company's history up to that point. Beat that in 2013, filing even more. This year we'll file even more patents….[Dell] “has around 20,000 people developing products, software, services in 12+ lab sites around the world from Austin to Silicon Valley and beyond,” Michael Dell.  




 Mark your calendars for February 19th featuing new technology from Dell at our quarterly Technology Showcase!


All the big tech companies are opening up a bit more about requests made by the U.S. National Security Agency, with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn detailing new info included in their respective transparency reports today.



Come Closer: We'll Share the Secrets of Twitter Success 


All those companies that act robotically, try to capitalize on the latest global tragedy or waste the time of their clients or customers with pointless banter … they have it wrong. To succeed on Twitter, a business has to be authentic.Article from cmswire.com.





"It's an interactive and (rapidly becoming) visual platform that's most active at typically non-business hours. So it requires special handling. But if businesses get it right, they can connect with customers and evangelists in a way that's difficult to do at scale on any other platform."


                    Goodbye XP

Don't forget about April 8th, 2014! The support of Windows XP is coming to an end. 


Click here to read more about why you should start thinking about replacing your computer 



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