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February 2012


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Mobile Device Buying Guide

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Microsoft Office for iPad

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Stay out of LinkedIn Ads

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10 Outlook User Tips

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Mitch's Mobile Device Buying Guide for 2012


December's article on the Amazon Kindle Fire was very popular among our readers, but the Kindle Fire is not the only mobility device out there and certainly not the best one for every application.


If you missed last week's New Technology showcase, this whitepaper will explore a whole range of current and forthcoming mobility devices to help you decide which one is the best for you.


Full Article



February Poll: Cloud Based Phone Systems and Unified Communications


Submit your response by 5:00 Friday, March 2

for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card!

One winner will be randomly selected.


Microsoft Office for iPad: Fact or Fiction


Microsoft's Office for iPad could be launching well ahead of Office for Windows 8 on ARM tablets. Article from ZDnet.com.


How To: Keep your Face out of LinkedIn Ads


After all this talk about Google’s new privacy policy and Facebook’s Timeline, people are now waking up to the fact that LinkedIn too may be making use of your information in ways you don’t want. Article from ZDnet.com.

10 Most Important Things to Teach Outlook Users


Training users on Outlook is often as simple as showing them how to download their mail. But some users push Outlook to extremes and need to know quite a bit more than that. If you want well-informed users, be sure they understand these key concepts. Article from TechRepublic.com

Freebie Tip of the Month: Download Windows Live Essentials Photo Gallery FREE


Download Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 for free, powerful photo tools. Article from Microsoft.com


  • Create a Panorama
  • Merge shots with Photo Fuse
  • Slide show Adventures


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