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Employee Spotlight - Frank Kypuros
Voted by you as the ENTRUST Favorite Consultant. Frank is interviewed.

White Paper
"Eating Your Vegetables - The Missing Component of Healthy IT" by Mitchell Sowards 

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Nov 10th: ENTRUST Technology Event & New Customer Orientations 

ENGAGE - Monthly Poll
How confident are you in your organization's backup and disaster recovery system? 

Useful Web Articles
Basic Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Tips (video) 

Make Your Laptop a Hot Spot 

The 10 Faces of Computer Malware

Truly Awesome Tools for Windows 7 Power Users

Windows Phone 7 is coming!

Windows phone logo

Windows Phone 7 has been released to manufacturing and is slated to be in stores this holiday season.

See the demo.

  Article - Microsoft Surface


Eating Your Vegetables
The Missing Component of Healthy IT
by Mitchell R. Sowards

Paper - Lazy IT

If you have children, you probably have an ongoing struggle to ensure that they eat a healthy diet, especially including the necessary servings of vegetables. You can probably remember your own childhood and recall how much (or little) you liked eating your vegetables. Maybe even today you find yourself not able to consume the proper amounts of vegetables for good nutrition. For "healthy" IT" it's not much different. There are a host of routine, proactive tasks ("vegetables") that must be performed ("consumed") regularly to keep your IT in tip-top shape. Most organizations don't have the staff or the time or the desire to do this themselves and therefore those tasks don't get done. Consequently, many organizations are in a state of "unhealthy, malnourished IT" from lack of "vegetables." Wouldn't it be great if you could get someone else to EAT YOUR VEGETABLES FOR YOU?!


Engage - Monthly Poll

Poll - Monthly 

This month's poll: How confident are you in your organization's backup and disaster recovery system?

Answer our poll and automatically be entered in a drawing for a San Antonio restaurant gift card! Congratulations to Donna G. Last month's winner of the ENGAGE monthly poll.


Basic Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Tips (video) 

Article - PC Windows 7 

Was your wireless connection working fine, but all of a sudden you're having problems? Or are you adding a new computer to the network and it's not behaving? If you're having troube with your Wi-Fi connection, check out these troubeshooting tips. Article from CNET.com 


Make Your Laptop a Hot Spot (video) 

Article - Netbooks 

Wouldn't it be great to be able to share your Internet connection with a colleague or a group of friends? Learn how to turn your laptop into a makeshift hot spot. Article from CNET.com 


The 10 Faces of Computer Malware

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

The complexity of today's IT environment makes it easy for computer malware to exist, even flourish. Being informed about what's out there is a good first step to avoid problems. Article from Techrepublic.com


Truly Awesome Tools for Windows 7 Power Users

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

Improve system performance, sync with colleagues, and transform your PC into a Wi-Fi hot spot with these nine essentials. Article from Infoworld.com


Just For Fun

Article - iPad 

Exclusive: Sneak Peek at audio-embedded Sounds of Star Wars book.  Article from Wired.com


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