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Employee Spotlight - Zindy Infante
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White Paper
"What IT Needs is Less Superman, More Andy Griffith" by Mitchell Sowards 

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Nov 10thENTRUST Customer Orientation Luncheon. Sponsored by: Microsoft, The MPS Group, Wells Fargo 

Nov 10thNew Technology Showcase - What's New in Virtualization. Sponsored by: Microsoft, The MPS Group, Wells Fargo   

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New Tablet on the Block: BlackBerry PlayBook 

Tablet Toss-Up/Comparison 

How to Choose a PC: netbook, laptop, or all-in-one?

20 PC Shortcuts You Need to Know

No way!...Free Stuff from Microsoft? YES! 

Windows Essentials

Windows Live Essentials

Do more with Windows on your PC with free programs from Microsoft for photos, movies, instant messaging, email, social networking, and more.

Get it all in one simple download.

  Article - Microsoft Surface


What IT Needs is Less Superman, More Andy Griffith
by Mitchell R. Sowards

Paper - Lazy IT

You know the story: Evil villain threatens fair damsel, whole city, or entire universe with destruction!  The alarm goes up!  The call goes out!  Or the bat sign appears in the sky! “SAVE US, OUR SUPERHERO!”, we cry.  And like magic, faster than a speeding bullet our superhero appears to confront the villain, defeat them, and rescue us from the dire consequences.  We then send him away with our thanks (and not much else) and all is right with the world.  At least until the next villain comes along…when the cycle happens all over again.  For many businesses, they perceive IT support in the same fashion.  But relying on IT superheroes is not a good or realistic model for IT support these days.  We would all be much better off if our IT was handled by Sheriff Andy Taylor (Griffith) of Mayberry instead of by Superman.  Here’s why….


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Poll - Monthly 

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New Tablet on the Block: BlackBerry PlayBook 

Article - PC Windows 7 

The BlackBerry PlayBook, a tablet computer that represents RIM's big move to stand up to the success of the Apple iPad and Android-based devices, such as the Dell Streak, by reconnecting with its core customer base. Article from eWeek.com 


Tablet Toss-Up/Comparison 

Article - Netbooks 

Apple's iPad, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung's Galaxy Tab are perhaps the three most viable contenders in what's quickly becoming an all-out war of tablets . Article from CRN.com 


How to choose a PC: netbook, laptop, or all-in-one?

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

With all the improvements in computing technology, it feels like you need to be an expert to figure out what type of computer you need. Do you need a laptop? A netbook? Or maybe an all-in-one computer that can be used as your TV as well? Article from Microsoft.com


20 PC Shortcuts You Need to Know

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

I prefer to use shortcuts whenever possible. They're easy and they save a lot of time and mouse-clicking. Here are my top 20 shortcuts that you may not know about - but should. Article from Microsoft.com


Just For Fun: Your Entire Room is a Computer (and you too) 

Article - iPad 

In the link you will see how entire rooms can become computers and physical surfaces can evolve into interactive displays. With LightSpace, you can manipulate virtual objects, moving them from one surface to another simply by touching two surfaces. You can even "pick up" a virtual object, walk to the other side of the room, and then place it on another screen or surface. Check out the video.  Article from technet.com


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