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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Young
Click to find out more about Andrew! 

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Nov 10thENTRUST Customer Orientation Luncheon. Sponsored by: Microsoft, The MPS Group, Wells Fargo 

Nov 10thNew Technology Showcase - What's New in Virtualization. Sponsored by: Microsoft, The MPS Group, Wells Fargo   

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Useful Web Articles
10 Free Security Products You Can Download Now 

Basics for Safer Downloading 

5 Deadly Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make While Social Networking

Windows Phone 7

Just for Fun: Toolkit - A Brain Surgeon's Must-Have Gizmos

Virtualization is here! 

Windows Essentials

Actually, Virtualization has been around for several years. What is new and exciting is that it is now available and cost effective for Small to Midsized Businesses to implement.

Click the link to see how Microsoft Virtualization products and services are leading and shaping the industry.  Article - Microsoft Surface

Ask Zindy
This month's Ask Zindy...

Dear Zindy,

I create a lot of letters in Word before sending them via email. Is there any way to send an email from Word without having to send it as an attachment?


Help Us With the Whitepaper Conundrum 

Poll - Monthly 

Each month Mitch writes a whitepaper on an IT technology or topic. Our goal is to explain the key considerations of the topic in layman's terms and in a short 3-5 pages. We hope that these whitepapers enable our customers to make good business decisions. We often use these whitepapers to help our customers understand ENTRUST's approach to services and solutions. We would like to develop a schedule of whitepapers for upcoming newsletters. And we would like your help to identify the topics you really want Mitch to help you understand. PLEASE participate in this month's poll to help us pick the topics for upcoming whitepapers. Mitch loves to explain things. You tell us what you want to know, and we will make it happen.


10 Free Security Products You Can Download Now 

Article - PC Windows 7 

The old adage that "you get what you pay for" doesn't always apply, particularly when it comes to much needed, highly demanded security products. Article from CRN.com 


Basics for Safer Downloading 

Article - Netbooks 

Whenever you download a file -- whether you open a spreadsheet attached to an email message, grab a cool little screensaver or mouse cursor from the web, or download music or video files from someone else's computer -- you could be putting your computer at risk. Article from Microsoft.com 


5 Deadly Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make
While Social Networking

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

If you haven't received the results that you hoped for after joining and participating in various Social Networking (SN) sites, there's a good possibility it's because you've made one or more of these mistakes. I've made everyone of these mistakes and paid the price. On the flip side, I've also corrected these mistakes and the results have been phenomenal. Article from Focus.com


Windows Phone 7

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

Video: First look at how apps will perform on Windows Phone 7. Article from CNET.com


Just For Fun: Toolkit - A Brain Surgeon's Must-Have Gizmos 

Article - iPad 

"Surgery is an art," says neurosurgeon Michael Lim, who plays the violin when he isn't excising lesions from brains. As director of the Metastatic Brain Tumor Center at Johns Hopkins, Lim performs about 350 such procedures a year. It's a job that requires a wealth of high tech tools -- and they must be deployed with a finesse that would put a concert violinist to shame.  Article from Wired.com


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