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Employee Spotlight: Clay Price
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Yoda Speaks...
2011 Economic Forecast - Mitch's FUN Millennium Flute Index (MMFI)

ENGAGE - Monthly Poll
What are your organization's expectations for 2011? 

Useful Web Articles
Looking Back: The 10 Bets Smartphones of 2010

Looking Forward: 2011's Hottest Tech: CES and Beyond

5 Ways to Make Your Keyboard Easier to Use

7 Overlooked Network Security Threats for 2011

Introducing the Microsoft Touch Mouse

2011 Economic Forecast - Mitch's FUN Millennium Flute Index (MMFI) 

  Millenium Flute

Everyone wants to know how the economy will perform in 2011, and you can find a host of "economic indicators", "surveys", and "indexes". Well Mitch has his own, very unique, and perfectly reliable indicator of the local economic climate. It's called Mitch's Millennium Flute Index. See what the MMFI predicts for 2011.

  Article - Microsoft Surface

Ask Zindy
This month's Ask Zindy...

Dear Zindy,

Is there any way that I can view both my emails and my Outlook calendar at the same time without having to click back and forth?


ENGAGE - Monthly Poll 

Poll - Monthly 

This month's poll: What are your organization's expectations for 2011? 

Answer our poll and automatically be entered in a drawing for a San Antonio restaurant gift card!


Looking Back:
The 10 Best Smartphones of 2010 (slideshow)

Article - PC Windows 7 

With the rise of Android, the reboot of BlackBerry, and the redesigned iPhone, 2010 can rightly be called the year of the smartphone. Check out the countdown of the best devices of the year. Article from TechRepublic.com 


Looking Forward:
2011's Hottest Tech - CES and Beyond

Article - PC Windows 7 

Hybrid laptop! Smarter smartphones! Everything in 3D! From CES in January to next holiday season, 2011 promises some phenomenal new gear. Article from PCWorld.com 


5 Ways to Make Your Keyboard Easier to Use

Article - Netbooks 

For most people, the keyboard is the main way to enter information into and control their computer. But are you controlling your keyboard, or is your keyboard controlling you? If you make typing mistakes or find your keyboard a bit uncomfortable, it's not hard to correct those problems. Read how to quickly and easily change your keyboard settings and comfort options. Article from Microsoft.com 


7 Overlooked Network Security Threats for 2011

Article - Securing Mobile Data 

Between Stuxnet, WikiLeaks server attacks and counterattacks, and the steady march of security updates from Microsoft and Adobe, the topic of security is being discussed everywhere. Take a look at a list of security threats that are likely to be overlooked in the coming year. Article from TechRepublic.com


Just For Fun: Introducing the Microsoft Touch Mouse

Article - iPad 

Microsoft Touch Mouse makes navigating Windows 7 a breeze. Discover how its elegant design speeds up computing and handles everyday on-screen actions like scrolling, minimizing/maximizing, and docking with easy-to-learn finger gestures. After viewing the article for a video tour, check out this demo .  Article from Microsoft.com


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