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Santa Tracker Showdown





For the past decade or so, NORAD Santa Tracker has used Google Maps as the brains behind its Santa Tracker. But this year, Google has been replaced by Bing, so Google created its own Santa Tracker. Article from Fastcompany.com


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Best of 2012: Year in Review

By Mitch Sowards

We know that lots of people read our newsletters and FaceBook posts throughout the year, but not everyone reads every newsletter, whitepaper, or tweet of course. So here’s a quick recap of the BEST OF ENTRUST in 2012 for your enjoyment.



Best of 2012


Tech Toys: The Sweetest Gear Money Can Buy


Got gizmos? For those who love gadgets as much as we do, we've compiled this collection of the must-have gadgets of the week. From Frisbees to fridges, smartphones to headphones, here's the best of the best. Article from foxnews.com

10 Popular Career-Related New Year's Resolutions

Many of you will resolve to do a whole host of things in 2013. Some will vow to eat healthier, lose weight, or save money—while others will pledge to land a new job, get a promotion, or earn more money. 


Here are 10 of the most popular career-related resolutions, along with tips for sticking to each of them. Article from Forbes.com.


Wii U to launch TVii service on December 20


Nintendo will finally join the living room entertainment wars in earnest on Thursday with TVii, a service for its new Wii U game console. Article from PCWorld.com.


Asus VivoTab: First Impressions


Last month, we announced the release of one of the lightest, thinnest Windows 8 tablets available. Read some first impressions about the device. 

Article from Forbes.com



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