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December 2013


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Zero Day Attacks


5 Tech gifts to avoid

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Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet

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Goodbye XP

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 5 Tech gifts to avoid this holiday season!                                                    





 Mark your calendars for February 19th featuing new technology from Dell at our quarterly Technology Showcase!


 Coin stores multiple credit card info, aims to slim your wallet down 


What you see in the picture below promises to be the one credit card to rule them all. It's called Coin, and while it looks like any other traditional plastic, it's actually an electronic device that stores all your CC info in one package.Article from engadget.com.





"Coin will work with any credit card swiper. Also, it sends an alert to your phone if you stroll away with your frappuccino having left it on the counter."



Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet: Here's how to deal     

Just say it: in-flight Wi-Fi is expensive and painstakingly slow. But if you're going to purchase it anyway, here are a few tips that'll get more bang for your buck.

Article from cnet.com



                    Goodbye XP

Don't forget about April 8th, 2014! The support of Windows XP is coming to an end. 


Click here to read more about why you should start thinking about replacing your computer 



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