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      August 2015


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Windows 10 - Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Windows 10's Xbox App is Awesome

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Android Users Can Use Cortana

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Windows 10 is available and as with any OS if you want to get the most out of it you need to know a few keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft has also carried over shortcuts from previous versions of Windows, preserving the ability to quickly navigate through folders and apps without your hands leaving the keyboard.

Here are the Windows 10 shortcuts that will make your life easier, both the new entries and old favourites from earlier iterations of the OS.


Learn how to customize your Windows 10 Start Menu HERE!


Windows 10's Xbox App Is Awesome, Even If You Don't Have an Xbox


Windows 10 brought a ton of new and awesome features. One of the best features is the new Xbox app. Even if you don’t have an Xbox, this app is useful for everyone. You can use it to record games, create clips from any app, and even stream console games.



Microsoft recently unveiled plans to launch its Cortana digital voice assistant on arch-rival Google's Android OS, but until now, you could only use it as a standalone app. However, the latest beta ( lets you activate Cortana instead of Google Now by pressing and holding your Android home button.


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