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August 2014


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Cortana Defeats Siri

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How To View Side-by-side Apps on Windows 8

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We are pleased to announce that ENTRUST is now providing IT services to:




Beckwith Electronic Engineering Co.



For 52 years Beckwith has brought innovative solutions and technology to their customers in Healthcare, Education, Commercial, Multi-Family Residential, Restaurant, Senior Living, Government, and the Hotel Industries. They specialize in the Design*Sale*

Installation*Service of Life Safety and Communication Systems.



“We chose Entrust based on their professionalism, responsiveness, and ability to develop and effectively communicate a well-organized plan to support our system infrastructure and our employees in both San Antonio and Austin.”


            - Candace Cole






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         Free Training Resources

Clients often turn to Entrust as their trusted technology advisor for advice on where to find useful training for the latest & greatest Microsoft applications, and now we’ve made it easier than ever before to access them.




 Mark your calendars for August 20th for our quarterly Technology Showcase. This August will be featuring Datto talking about new directions in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Remember that data loss = company failure.

Learn more about data loss and how it can affect your business in this article, HERE.

                 Cortana Defeats Siri in Windows Phone Ad

Check out this latest commercial with Mac vs Windows. Siri is the world's most famous smartphone voice assistant, but she's hardly the only game in town. In fact, one of her rivals, Windows Phone's Cortana, thinks she can do a better job.

"The traffic alert illustrates the 'special sauce' that makes Cortana different among personal assistants: That because she's aware of both personal data (your calendar, contact list, etc.) and external factors such as traffic, she can combine that knowledge and proactively alert the user about unforeseen factors."


Debunking The Common Objections to Enterprise Training


IT managers know very well that when companies introduce new technology into the workplace, the enterprise training process is not easy.Taking precious time out of the day to teach users the ins and outs of a software program can be detrimental to productivity. Even if employees have small questions, these issues are known to quickly add up over time.

Many companies can benefit from reinforcing their own
training strategies with more customized resources and solutions.This white paper will delve into the most common objections to enterprise training and how even simple
solutions can lead to long-term savings.


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