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August 2011


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 Nell Price




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Q: How do I change text in Excel 2010 from lower to UPPER case? 


A: Unfortunately Excel does not come with the feature built-in, like it does with Word. However you can download an Add-in that is designed to do just that. Here is a link to an Add-in that we've found to work well.


Download Add-In




Once you Install the Add-in, you'll need these shortcuts:


UPPER Case: Ctrl+Shift+H

lower Case: Ctrl+Shift+T

Proper Case: Ctrl+Shift+K



Need Help with Add-ins?

About MS Office Add-ins 


Questions?  Email Zindy







Hackers, Attackers &  

The Coming Malware Storm



ENTRUST is on the “front lines” every day protecting our customers from “the bad guys.”  Recently “a new generation of organized, well-funded, and financially-motivated online criminals” are now launching ever more sophisticated attacks. Here’s what we are seeing and the “storm clouds” we see on the horizon.


The GROWING number of Malware (Spyware & Viruses) on the Internet:

  • September 2004: Almost 2 million
  • May 2009: Almost 22 million

August Poll: What concerns you most about the level of Internet Security at your organization?


Submit your response by 5:00 Wednesday, Aug 17 for your chance to win a $25 Restaurant Gift Card! One winner will be randomly selected every month.


Congratulations to last month's winner and a special thanks to all of our participants.


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Why McAfee's Dire Security Report Rings True



Yet another study concludes that advanced persistent threats have compromised the vast majority of enterprises. When will we do something about it? Article from infoworld.com.


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How-To:  Secure your Network at Home


The easy part was setting up your wireless router or access point--now it's time to lock it down. Wireless networks aren't as secure as wired ones, but there are effective steps you can take to foil intruders. We'll show you some tricks. Video from cnet.com.


New Technology:  Facial Recognition


Worried about privacy on the Internet? It may be even worse than you thought — with rapidly improving face recognition technology, your automatically tagged Facebook pictures could help a stranger, or the authorities, quickly identify you on the street. Article from popsci.com.



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