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April 2011


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Ask MITCH *Special Edition*

Server vs. NAS  Device

Monthly Poll

Fiesta Favorites

Employee Spotlight

Evan Peña

How-To *Important*

Protect Yourself Online

New Technology 

New Smartphone App

Freebie Tip of the Month

Make your own Word Search




This month, we're taking a more technical spin on Ask Zindy in this *Special Edition* of Ask Mitch....


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 Evan Peña

Graduating this Fall from UTSA


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Fiesta Week

Text FIESTA to 45384 for a list of Official Fiesta Events or Click here »


4.14  ***TODAY*** 

2011 Biz Expo

Biz Growth Expo Hosted By The San Antonio Business Journal at the Freeman Exposition Hall. Details »



Habitat for Humanity

Join ENTRUST & other local Microsoft Partners in giving back to the community.

Interested in helping?

Email Zindy »



San Antonio CPA Society's Annual Golf Tournament



ENTRUST Customer Orientation Luncheon & Technology Showcase







On April 8th ENTRUST “cracked open” Fiesta 2011 with our 5th annual party for our customers and vendors and special friends.  We had over 70 people celebrating with us and had more fun than ever before.  If you weren’t able to make it, please check out the photo gallery at the link below.  (The people in the midst of seemingly wild gyrations were playing on a Microsoft Kinect and Xbox 360, in case you wonder.)  We look forward to an even better 6th annual party next year!


Check out our FIESTA pictures and leave us a Comment!



April Poll: What's your Favorite FIESTA Event?


Submit your response by 5:00 Wednesday, April 20 for your chance to win a $25 Restaurant Gift Card! One winner will be randomly selected every month.


Congratulations to last month's winner Clark B. of Randall Burkey.


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How-To: ***Protect Yourself Online***


By now, you may have heard about the data breach at Epsilon. If you're one of the millions of customers who receive communications from Epsilon's clients, your name and email address may be among that data that was stolen from the marketing company. Article from Webroot.com (an ENTRUST Partner)


4 Tips for Protecting against Phishing & Email Scams:

  • Use skepticism as a seatbelt
  • Don't get attached
  • Have a safety net
  • Don't be surprised


New Technology:  Visual Recognition App


Here's one you have to see to believe. A new visual recognition technology by Autonomy maps video and other content into real-life smartphone video images in real time…similar to the way pictures in the Daily Prophet newspaper animated themselves in Harry Potter. Check out the video demo. Article from infoworld.com



Freebie Tip of the Month: Make your own Word Search


Many of you who attended our Entrust Fiesta Party had some chuckles over our GINORMOUS 8-foot-tall "EN" Word Search! Especially our Word-Search Champion, who found more than 40 "EN" words of the 382 that were included (plus some secret Bonus Words).  


So, how'd we do that?? It's simple. There are several free online tools that create word searches for you instantly! Just type in (or copy and paste) your own words, select the size, and Ta-da! Just like magic. Click the link below to see the website we used for our Giant Fiesta 'EN" Word Search.


TIP: For additional customization, copy and paste the word search into another program such as Microsoft Excel or Publisher.   



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