ENTRUST clients should not be overly worried about the current worldwide cyber-weapon being reported in the news while still performing routine due diligence.

 PETYA exploits a vulnerability that Microsoft patched months ago.  ENTRUST released that patch to our clients months ago.

 Furthermore, the Symantec Endpoint Protection software that ENTRUST deploys for all of our clients detects and prevents PETYA.  Even the latest variants are detected and prevented by Symantec.

 However, we encourage all ENTRUST clients to continue to be vigilant and practice good habits such as scrutinizing all emails for legitimacy and looking for “clues” that reveal phishing emails and attacks.  Don’t click on links inside emails unless you are 100% certain the email came from someone you trust, and you were expecting the email!  Even then, be very cautious and check out the link by hovering your mouse over it to see the true destination (despite what the link looks like on the surface).

 Contact your ENTRUST Client Relationship Manager if you are interested in Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation tools.   The next worldwide cyber attack might not be one so easily blocked.  So, well trained users are your best defense!