We are asked frequently how we feel about Windows 10.  Honestly, we love it.  There is a uniformity of experience we believe most people will really appreciate.  This has been an excellent effort on the part of Microsoft to simplify things for users.

One of the first things you will notice is the Start Menu makes more sense to those who used Windows 7 and previous versions. Microsoft got a lot of complaints about the menu structure in Windows 8 and decided to listen to their clients.  Welcome a more user friendly experience by the reintroduction of the start menu.

Multiple desktops is available now, so you can go from one desktop to another depending on your needs.  Much easier and faster for the multi-taskers out there.

Alerts are awesome in Windows 10.  With the Cortana feature, you can use natural language in your search and settings.  For example, send me a reminder at 7pm about the Spurs game tonight.  The cool part is this synchs across devices in the Cloud.

New browser that actually works.  The Microsoft Edge browser is a legitimate browser for all of you who abandoned IE for Chrome.  It is easy and not heavy like IE was.