Windows 10 Odyssey

Part 2

This is part 2 of my Windows 10 upgrade Odyssey.   Just as a reminder, I have four Microsoft Windows 8.1 devices today. So, I have the freedom to upgrade in a controlled way without unduly risking my productivity.   Here’s how I plan to perform the upgrades:


Microsoft Surface Pro (Windows Pro 8.1)

(used for travel until I got the Surface Pro 3   below)

Installer downloaded from

HEXA 8” tablet (Windows 8.1)

(an inexpensive tablet purchased as a potential   marketing giveaway)

Over the Air (OTA) upgrade using Windows Update

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Windows Pro 8.1)

(purchased as a better travel tablet in 2014)

Installer downloaded from

Fujitsu T900 Convertible Laptop/Tablet (Windows 8.1   Enterprise)

(my true “work” computer since 2010 upgraded from   Windows 7 in 2013 and boosted with a superfast SSD drive)

Installer provided to customers with Microsoft   corporate agreements

Upgrade of Surface Pro continued….

Last week I successfully and seemingly painlessly upgraded my older Surface Pro to Windows 10. In the week since then, here are some additional successes and hurdles I encountered:

CBig Thumbs Up: I installed an older version of Quickbooks Enterprise 14.0 (circa 2013) and it seems to work flawlessly and I had no problems with installation.   The Intuit website claims that they only guarantee that the latest version of Quickbooks will work with Windows 10, but this older version seems to be working for me.

DSmall Thumbs Down: Although importing my Favorites from Internet Explorer was a snap, it turned out that setting up my 6 “home” pages wasn’t as easy.   It’s necessary to choose that you want a “Custom” home page and then manually create them one at a time. I had to open Internet Explorer and The Edge at the same time and do some copying and pasting to get the task done. But, once finished, it worked fine.

DWeird Thumbs Down: Although Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Excel 2013 worked perfectly after the upgrade, Microsoft Word developed a mysterious problem. I could not just “open” any existing Microsoft Word documents. They all claimed to have some kind of permission error. I could create new documents, just not open older ones. Weirder still, I discovered that if I right-clicked on an existing document and chose “Edit” instead of “Open”, then the file would open fine!   Totally weird. So, my solution was to run a repair on Microsoft Office 2013.   After the “repair” finished, the problem went away.

DSmall Thumbs Down: When I wanted to retrieve my home pages from IE11, I couldn’t find IE11 anywhere on the menus! So, although IE11 is still available in Windows 10, Microsoft isn’t making it visible. However, it was easy enough to simply type “Internet Explorer” into the Cortana/search box and Windows 10 popped it right up for me.

OTA Upgrade of the HEXA small tablet

Almost exactly one week after I had “reserved” my Over The Air (OTA) upgrade to Windows 10 the HEXA notified me that it was ready to begin the upgrade process. I clicked “OK” and let it start.   There was a 2GB download that was required which took some hours.

CNice Thumbs Up:At my home, during the time when the upgrade was downloading, my wireless internet was misbehaving and the HEXA (and my other devices) would repeatedly disconnect and reconnect to the wireless. I was pleased to find that the downloader was smart enough to pick up where it left off after each disconnection with no action required on my part. The full 2GB downloaded without error despite the wireless issues.

CThumbs Up:The little HEXA is a rather weak device. It has only 1GB of RAM and a weak Intel Atom 1ghz processor.   But the upgrade ran just fine and flawlessly. I just started it before going to bed one night and by next morning it was done.

CThumbs Up: After the upgrade, because this device came with one free year of Office365, I downloaded and installed Microsoft Office Professional 2013. Installation was slow on this little device, but worked just fine.

DMaybe Thumb Down: The jury is still out on this one. I used The Edge browser to visit a website where I wanted to make a purchase. I had a lot of difficulty getting the button for “Add to Cart” to work. I eventually gave up and used the convenient Edge feature of “Open in Internet Explorer” to launch the same page. I was able to push the Add to Cart button in IE11 and complete my purchase. But I did have some other weird/slow responses from that website even in IE11. So, I’m not quite sure the problem was with The Edge browser or not.

Summary so Far:

  1. The OTA upgrade option seemed to work as well as the upgrade from flashdrive did on the Surface Pro and even intermittent internet problems did not prevent a successfully download of the 2GB installer.
  2. Installing new apps went without issue.
  3. Had a possible problem with The Edge browser on one website that might have been overcome simply by launching the still available Internet Explorer 11.

Stay tuned for future blog posts to see how the rest of my Windows 10 Odyssey goes!