Data breaches are becoming a much more regular thing as we march forward through this Internet age, as more and more people are turning towards hacking and black hat methods of stealing money from honest businesses and organizations. There seems to be more instances of stolen data each year, and these sort of breaches affect all types of businesses, regardless of what sector they’re in, how large they are, or how well-respected they are in their industry.

One popular way that data is stolen for identity theft and credit card fraud is by using RAM scrapers, which is malware that’s inserted into a point of sale device that will read the active memory to ‘scrape’ pertinent information from it. This is easy once they’ve gained access as the data on memories is often unencrypted.

It is very hard to make the claim that the data you have under your protection will never be stolen, so it’s important to safeguard it even when something like that does occur. This is done by encrypting as much data as possible. By using encryption, you know that even if your data is stolen, there will still be another step for the thief to bypass before he or she is able to decipher it into a language where they can use it. In addition to that, it’s a great way to avoid embarrassment and law suits.

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