Having third-party vendors able to access a company’s data from remote locations, and at random intervals, proves to be a significant security risk. While it appears that some third-party vendors are necessary for a company to keep their data systems in a healthy condition and, in some scenarios, even improve the productivity of their company; it would be foolhardy to give them complete access to the data.

For instance, there could be a third-party vendor that analyzes data to figure out the consumer’s purchasing trends for an online clothing store. This vendor could show the company which things need to be in stock and, perhaps, which items need to be retired. Obviously, the vendor provides an excellent service to the company, but the vendor’s ability to remotely access the data can ‘leave an open door’ for security attacks.

Any company that utilizes third-party vendors should check to see if they have remote access to their data. This definitely is a pretty common occurrence, since it enables the vendor the convenience of being able to be located anywhere with Internet access. If the company does use remote access with their third-party vendors there should be some ground rules put into place. For strict security measures the data could be analyzed or transferred at the company. Besides that, however, the company would need to ensure that the vendors have a certain timeframe to work in so that the ‘door’ is not open for too long!

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