Patch everything

There are a variety of ways that hackers will attempt to access your company’s network, and one of the most popular ways they do it is by getting through by using trusted third-party applications and programs.

Many businesses rely not just on in-house programs, but also on a variety of programs developed and maintained by completely different organizations, particularly when it comes to Internet usage. Programs like Flash and Java are particularly popular choices for hackers to create viruses or malware for. They’re in a constant battle, as hackers are continuously striving to find exploits for them, and those programs are equally striving to patch them up as soon as they hear word of an exploit.

If these programs are constantly patched for any breaches, then what exactly is the problem? For one, there can be a bit of a delay between the time an exploit is found and the time it is patched. In addition to that, not all users are tech savvy and simply won’t download the necessary patches to bring their system up to date. They just see it as another one of the many programs a computer uses and won’t look past the fact that downloading the patch will mean that they won’t be able to work for some time.

It’s important that all critical third-party programs are patched immediately upon learning of an update. This can be accomplished either by carefully educating the users of the program or having it set up to where it downloads automatically. 

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