Dear ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services Customer,


You may have heard about the WannaCry Ransomware Virus.  News about this virus is literally everywhere. WannaCry is the current big malware scare.  The virus is mainly distributed through email phishing attacks where fake invoices, job offers and other “important messages” (i.e. bait) are being sent out to random email addresses. The problem lies with a  password protected .zip file that contains the virus – hidden inside the email message. The email message utilizes social engineering to persuade the victim to unlock the attachment with a “password”. Once the attachment is opened/clicked, the WannaCry infection, is initiated and you are infected.  To date, the virus has hit over 20k computers – and malware mobsters are asking around $300 to unlock your data.


Here are the main forms of protection against such viruses:

  • Having up to date Antivirus software
  • Using Safe email habits and not opening emails or attachments from untrustworthy places.
  • Safe Web browsing habits.
  • Keeping Windows up to date
  • Having Backups of your data


Servers and workstations under ENTRUST proactive managed care have already received the March updates from Microsoft that prevent this virus from working.  In a recent study of WannaCry victims, the US is not even in the top 20 countries of email phishing targets for this email, at this time there is no need to be in panic mode.  You should, however still practice normal safe computing habits as listed above.


Additional protections offered by ENTRUST:

  • Email Targeted Threat Protection including: Antivirus, Spam, Spoofing, and Web Link Protection
  • Firewall Management and Policy Settings
  • Phishing Email Training


If you have any questions or concerns regarding WannaCry please feel free to give us a call.