One of the biggest frustrations with any organization is not having data available when you need it. It can be a hurdle that anyone can face and many people do not know how to access the problem. Combining the tools from PowerApps with Microsoft Power BI is a great way to help quickly develop the infrastructure needed to get work done quickly.

The team at Virgin Atlantic was having this exact problem before working with Microsoft Power BI. Systems Development Manger Manuela Pichler was concerned about the potential costs and time of taking on app development inhouse — and she didn’t have the right expertise on her team. However, she soon found that the tools available were able to create quick wins for internal customer service by unlocking the full potential of data.

“A lot of our workforce isn’t based in the office. They are mobile- they need the data they require at the time they need it without going to the office to check the information on a desktop,” Pichler says.

But Virgin and Pichler’s team did not have the mobile development expertise needed to create what they needed. Mobile development can be a long, and costly addition to an organization and there was concern that integrating more mobile development would be too difficult.

“Through discovering PowerApps and using that it helps us feel more confident in our role,” says Pichler. “It really sparked my imagination- it really clicked when I opened it. How much better we could provide customer service to our internal business areas.”

PowerApps helps make it easier to integrate the entire office and eliminate data silos that slow down operations. The goal of Virgin Atlantic is to become the World’s Most Loved Airline. By utilizing Microsoft BI and PowerApps they can work together throughout all parts of the organization to find solutions and create wins where they matter most.

“One that made the most affect was to complete safety and compliance checklist. You just go through and answer a few questions…It allows the team to see trends, see improvements, how…it was a great example of working well with the engineering team,” says Pichler.

What seemed like a lofty goal at first became a simple solution when utilizing the best data tools offered by Microsoft. After limited ramp up time Pichler’s team was able to begin integrating new and exciting infrastructure that helps everyone across the board.

She is now even helping people in different departments discover how to use PowerApps for their own projects to help everyone succeed together.

“It’s just never been this easy and this quick to create applications. Using PowerApps it has really increased my ability to increase visibility throughout the IT department and it just helped my confidence massively.”

Your customers could be next. Microsoft has worked hard to make their data tools easy-to-learn so any organization can begin using them as soon as possible.

Remove the hinderance of data silos and slow business processes. Get mobile with PowerApps and Microsoft BI.