tokenbasedExceptional protection from hackers, former employees, etc. from being able to log into your systems.

In today’s “always connected” and “always vulnerable” technology climate, having a second level of protection beyond usernames and passwords can be extremely vital. Add another layer of protection through token-based authentication. Token-based authentication requires users to have in their possession a device ( “token” ) that generates random access codes. A smartphone app can substitute for a hardware device. Your secured systems can now only be reached by users who know valid usernames/passwords AND who possess such a token. These tokens can be revoked at any time to quickly block access from former employees, vendors, maintenance, etc.

  • Second Layer of Protection
  • Stronger Credentials
  • Decrease Business Risk
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Meet Compliance Objectives
  • Instant Administration
  • Increased Staff Accountability