Ransomware attacks happen every 40 seconds. As a business, if you’re attacked, you have two options: pay the ransom and hope for the best or refuse to pay and commence damage control. Keep your data safe from ransomware with @AzureBackup.

Ransomware is putting entire systems at risk. You can’t afford to let that happen to your business. There’s a scourge of cyberattacks happening daily to businesses large and small all over the world. Prevent attacks by taking a proactive approach. With Azure Backup, protect your on-premises virtual machines, physical servers, and files to Azure. With your data in Azure, you have the flexibility to restore your data to a specific period in time to keep your business moving.

Azure Backup protects your application data with zero capital investment and minimal operating costs. It can retain your data for up to 99 years to meet regulatory requirements. Enable multifactor authentication, create alerts for suspicious online backup activity, and counteract unauthorized retention or deletions.

We know adopting a new solution is tough. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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