As a global leader in professional staffing, career transition, and talent mobility, the Adecco Group has been transforming the world of work. Their team of over 34,000 people spans the globe and is on the forefront of incorporating modern Microsoft BI solutions into their decision making.

Such a large, decentralized work staff can make it difficult to get the information when you need it to make informed business decisions. The Adecco Group had to find a way to make data available for everyone, without location being an issue.

“Being a decentralized organization, we [didn’t] necessarily have all of the infrastructure that I can pull from one source,” says Global Head of Talent Acquisition Aly Sparks. “But the great thing about Power Bi is that we can pull it from different sources and we can analyze that data in different ways.”

Modern BI solutions powered by Microsoft can give large organizations more effective ways to collaborate in real time and a better way to access data for driving good decisions.

This ability to collaborate in real time with people across the globe can help drive better decision making and also boost team creativity by working through problems as they arise.

Clair Houston is the strategic program manager for The Adecco Group and focuses on the International Future Leaders development program. This program is designed to take some of the best talent from within the company and use them to help create a culture that can really innovate their organization.

Houston has seen the positive effects that Modern BI can bring to the table by allowing her to reach data and information as soon as someone needs it.

She notes how questions could arise during presentations and if there was not an answer immediately available then the only response would be to get back to you later with an answer.

“What’s changed since we switched to Power BI is that we can dive into that area in the moment and make the decision right there and then,” Houston says.

Microsoft 365 equips HR leaders with the people data needed to drive business and cultural transformation. You can put your own people at the center of everything you are doing and help drive engagement.

“It’s a different kind of relationship and a different kind of conversation, and one that facilitates more of a close relationship,” says Aly Sparks. “I don’t think we’ll ever turn back, to be honest.”

Power BI’s interactive reports are a real differentiator. The intuitive drag and drop data exploration allows users to access information from any device whether online or offline. These tools along with the interactive reporting capabilities make it easier to visualize and access data whenever it’s needed.

Microsoft 365 and Power BI allows everyone to see what is being worked on in real time, and how processes are being completed. This can unlock creativity and problem solving with people from across geographical lines without time being wasted.

“It’s very much about each and everyone reaching their full potential, says Chief Human Resource Officer Gordana Landan. “You can only do that by providing data.”

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