5 Text Message Protocol Rules for Medical Businesses

If your company is a medical agency, you may use text messages to contact your patients. This is a great use of technology because so many patients use text messages anyway to communicate with their friends and family. It must be noted, however, that there are some message policies that must be followed by your employees to ensure the safety and security of both the patients and your business. 

1. Ensure that the text messages concerning treatment are added to the patient’s medical record prior to being deleted from the business mobile phone.

2. Always contain consent from patients before using texting as a form of communication. Some patients will not want to receive or send text messages with their health service providers.

3. Ensure that the mobile devices used by your business are registered by the business alone. This will ensure that no employees use them for personal use.

4. Ensure that all messages are completely erased from a mobile phone that is going to be discarded. 

5. Always use professional language and grammar when contacting patients via text message. Never send extremely sensitive information with this communication medium.

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