ENTRUST is a proud business member of the Texas Healthcare Association (www.txhca.org).  THCA’s mission is to unite, represent, and support professionals who strive to improve the delivery, quality, and integrity of long term healthcare services.  Each year we attend the THCA convention and during that convention we conduct an informal survey.  We ask the question “DO YOU LOVE YOUR IT DEPARTMENT?”  Here are the results from the recent 2019 convention:

Do you love your IT department?






Humorously, the “no” answers are often not just “no” but “hell no!”   Or sometimes they are a sympathetic “they try” which we classify as a “no” because the question is do you love not do you pity.  We also classify answers like “they’re getting better” as a “no” for the same reason.

Answers are often lukewarm “they do ok” or “they’re not too bad” accompanied by a shake or a nod of the head.  We generally classify those milquetoast replies as a “no”.  However, if we were to accept lukewarm replies such as these as a “yes” instead, the results would be 50%-50% instead.

Finally, we do get a few enthusiastic “YES!” answers with a caveat.  They are usually, “YES, we love our IT guy!”   IT departments and outsourced IT companies don’t usually get that enthusiastic response but high performing individuals are garnering some kudos.

These results have been consistent for the past 3 years routinely getting a 33%/66% split.

Speaking of consistency, here at ENTRUST we are happy to report that in our surveying of our clients for many years we show a happiness rating in excess of 99% with about 85% of responses being “gold stars” and not just “satisfied”.    We’re very proud that our client’s let us know that they LOVE US!


We look forward to seeing our THCA colleagues again at next year’s convention.