One of the best things about living in 2013 is that the software for computers is becoming so much faster and better. Websites, using jquery and AJAX feel much more like desktop applications. In 2013 server side software allows data to be shared across devices and synchronized. That’s why it’s always nice to look at a few of the interesting up and coming pieces of software that might make your life easier. Whether you are running software on your own on-premise server, hosted in the cloud, or a combination of both ENTRUST Technology Consultants of San Antonio can help you make a plan deploy and maintain the software that works for you. So here are two pieces of software that are examples of the new, awesome way that software is being developed:

For CRM (Customer Relationship Management) take a look at Zurmo, an open source CRM which can be downloaded on your own server or bought as a hosted edition. The pricing ranges from about $8 per month up to $32. The software is super fast, really elegant, and gamified. It’s a new take on CRM entirely.

Another great piece of software to look at is eM client. An alternative to outlook (free for home use) eM client provides the functionality of Outlook but will work with mail servers, which use LDAP and CalDav. It is built for Windows machines. eM client is elegant, lightweight, and looks great.

If you see a piece of software that you would like to test and deploy in your environment please give us a call today at ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services.