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ENTRUST wants to alert you when critical information needs to be relayed.


• EMAIL – If there is a network wide outage with Email or MimeCast; this system can bypass those issues so that we can still communicate issues to our customers.

• POWER – If there is a power failure, mobile phones are usually not affected.

• INTERNET – If there is an internet outage with a major carrier, we can communicate the outage instantly.

• PHONES – If our customer(s) phone systems are down; this system gives us an option to communicate.

• CYBER ATTACKS – If an attack occurs that begins to affect a significant percentage of our clients, this gives us the ability to alert you quickly

• ENTRUST SERVICE DESK – If there is a communications outage from our own service desk, this gives another means to communicate this to you

Think of this system as a last resort when there is a massive outage and we need to get the word out quickly.

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