Client satisfaction is clearly the most important aspect to any company in a service industry.  So, we ran an independent survey to see how our clients feel about us.  So, let’s see how we did.  Yes, there’s some humble bragging, and also great takeaways.


prompt IT service

The industry average for promptness is 7.5.  We strive to be responsive.  In fact, our average response time to urgent tickets is still somewhere in the 3 min range.  It’s a point of pride for us.



The industry average for accuracy is also 7.5.  This is also an important point.  What good is quick response if you miss what the client is asking for.



The industry average for helpfulness is 8.2.  So we tied that one.  When you reach out in a time of need, whether urgent or routine, we strive to be there and walk you through to a solution.



The industry average for partnership is 7.6.  I think this is the most important metric we measured.  You know, sometimes we get so bogged down by the day to day issues and tickets that we don’t look up and look ahead. To do 7.9 is great, but we aim to do better in the coming months.



All in all, 42% of our clients say they “love us,” in an industry where most service providers gain such affection from 28% of their clients. Heartbeat gave us an 8.2 overall rating.  So, the clock is ticking.  We will do this again in 3 months to see how we’ve improved.  Stay tuned.