Although there are many advantages to using an cloud-based CRM solution, there are also some potential detriments. This is why decision makers will need to carefully assess whether they want to go with an on-premise CRM, or a cloud-based one. Here are some potential detriments to CRM in the cloud:

Security Concerns

Security issues are amplified when using any cloud-based application, as the data is stored on remote servers. Even though significant progress has been made in terms of cloud security in the past couple of years, a security breach that results in confidential information being exposed can be catastrophic to your business.  This is where having a professional services company, like ENTRUST to help can be invaluable.

Legal Issues and Privacy Concerns

Depending on the industry you are in, there may be some legal considerations as to where your data is physically stored. For example, storing customer data of European customers in the United States may pose its own set of legal challenges. Many consumers find it very important that their data is kept private, and such privacy may be more difficult to guarantee if you are using physical servers located in different jurisdictions.

Access Issues

Cloud CRM applications are usually only accessible online. This means that if your salespeople are in a place that doesn’t have Internet access, they will not be able to work on customer data.

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