Sharepoint is an IT Services company that is located in San Antonio. It sells different types of computer consulting to companies that need it. Sharepoint has been a go to for any enterprise that is looking to collaborate, as well as share data with other enterprises. All of the data and other information is shared through Sharepoint. Listed below are some of the benefits that Sharepoint has to offer your company:

1. Intranet portals that function like the internet, but only within your company.
2. Collaboration features that allow employees in the same company to collaborate on the same document.
3. Central Admin. feature that allows one person to control multiple data points from one centralized portal. This feature also allows one person to perform important backups, restrict/grant access to information, and update any necessary configurations
4. If you are used to using Microsoft Suite it is pretty easy to use the Sharepoint system.
5. Security can be set at a set level by the Admin. in the company. Admin. has access to determine who can get into different files/information.

The SharePoint Server is structured on an open and extensible platform. This platform has support for a diverse set of web functions as well as different interoperability standards. The server has powerful application programming interfaces as well as event handlers for documents and lists. The features of SharePoint make it easier for different environments to be flexible while working with third-party technology.

The company offers it’s serviced at fixed monthly costs for any help that their clients may need. After you have purchased the services, you will be set up by the expert consulting team. The team will offer assistance in protecting your data from any internal or external threats to your system.