Network architecture and security is a big issue that can affect the performance of a network, especially in the face of malicious actions encountered by the network. The advantage of a segmented network is a measure of security that does not significantly compromise performance, even with a heavy data flow. Those vested in reselling computers and setting up networks would be wise to know the advantages of network segmentation. 

The first advantage is that firewalls can be set up to isolate special networks that contain especially sensitive machines. This way, the sensitive machines and the information therein as exposed to a wider network that is more open to external threats as well as internal misuse. 

Computers communicating over a network are liable to “packet collision” when multiple bit packets are sent through a hub at the same time. A potential buyer can be put off by a computer seller that has a reputation of setting up machines that have quirky interactions. Sometimes this is due to network architecture and a failure to set up proper network segmentation. 

Network bridges have to be of sufficient quality to handle the likely heaviest data load that networks incorporated into the bridge could send. Otherwise, the bridge becomes a choke point that hurts overall network performance. 

Reselling computers should be done with a keen eye to network architecture and its associated network segmentation scheme.  This is where ENTRUST of San Antonio can help!