Having trouble keeping your email secure? Let us help you! 

When trying to communicate with your customers there are so many competitors, such as texting, instant messaging and social networking, however, email is still an important part of your business operations. Although it is challenging to communicate with your customers it’s important to do with email. Entrust Technology provides you with a security management system that eliminates email security risks.

Professionally Managed Business E-mail
A great tool for small and mid-sized businesses to be in control of their email resources with advanced security and an archiving structure available so your inbox doesn’t get out of control.

Features allow you to:

  • Be able to check your email without getting viruses from SPAM! ManageMySpam is the name of the system we use to ensure you get no viruses or SPAM in your main inbox.
  • Be able to stay in touch no matter where you are. We will set you up with secure smartphone or remote computer access to your messages.
  • Be able to save and easily access important messages
  • Reduce storage demands
  • Always comply with government regulations
  • Always keep your privacy when handling sensitive data.

Secure Your Company E-mail
Allow Entrust Technology to show you the benefits of email and how it can be used in a more valuable way. We ensure that your data is protected and preserved.