4 IT Services You Can Run on the Cloud

Many businesses have either moved some of their services to the cloud, or have made a complete switch to the cloud. Cloud computing has many benefits that all businesses can take advantage of. There are some IT services that can easily run on the cloud, and we’ve laid out four of them.

1. Rendering

Rendering 3D graphics and HD content takes lots of processing power. The cloud has plenty of raw processing power readily available, at considerably lower costs than high powered computers.

2. E-Mail

Running your own email server is a thing like the past. Services such as Google Apps allow you to run email in the cloud with your own domain, on someone else’s servers. This is especially useful if you have employees that go to other countries.

3. Data Backup

Instead of having to keep hard drives organized, consider moving your backup operations to the cloud. Storage space is readily available and affordable. Plus, your data is offsite and protected from natural disasters. 

4. Office Productivity Software

Cloud based office suites such as Office 365 offer online storage for your employees, and you don’t have to worry about deploying and maintaining software!

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