Are you tired of all the downtime and losing necessary files to keep your business up and running?

It is critical for any business to plan for problems that may come up with your technology. If your computers are down a lot, that makes it hard for your business to remain open and running, thus making your business not profitable. When this happens important data and records can be lost, at times it can lead to permanent business closure if enough data is lost. (In a recent study we found out that 43 percent of companies who lost data never reopened again.)

Back Up & Restore Data
Entrust Technology has a business continuity solution called BackUpMyNet, it’s able to restore network functionality quickly so that you have no loss of critical data or records when a natural disaster comes up in your IT system. This service is included in your monthly fee. Feel safe knowing that you will be prepared to bounce back from any disaster, hacker attacks, or any other threat to your IT network.

You can Count on BackUpMyNet to:

  • Maintain server and network data and provide quick access to information following any natural disaster
  • Ensure that your Network applications will be back up and running in minutes. Not hours or days.
  • Ensure that you Keep up with government regulations for the financial and healthcare industries (encryption/security)

Data Protection Service
Fundamentally, business continuity is a form of insurance that your company needs. When disaster strikes, will your organization be prepared? BackUpMyNet allows for your systems and data to stay safe!