Ransomware Removal and IT Services in San Antonio, Texas

A growing need for secure devices and IT professionals that can service those pieces of hardware and software is increasing at an astronomical rate. In fact, many experts have found statistical evidence that shows over 160-million documents and pertinent pieces of data have been stolen from outside sources since 2015. What’s more alarming is that the tactics and malicious tools used by hackers is bypassing major firewalls and security protocols that our modern computing devices use today. Ransomware–a piece of software that uses cryptography to lock down down a user’s computer–has spread through thousands of machines and extorts its victims for money in exchange for access to their data.

WannaCry Infestation

If you’ve done business in San Antonio lately, you have surely heard the sudden panic from the general public in regards to a piece of ransomware called WannaCry. In simple terms, WannaCry locks down a system and probes the user to give up hard-earned cash in exchange for their the ability to access files. Although many iterations of this bug have infected the general public, the WannaCry software is scarier in that it focuses on large organizations like hospitals, government agencies, large corporations and sales centers. In fact, the NSA has called the spread of this virus one of the worst its ever seen in the history of the National Security Agency.

If you’re a company that needs to inquire about protecting your systems and client data, or you have received ransomware on your personal machine, reach out to us. We’d love to help remove this problem and showcase various methods that both the public and professional sector can use to maintain the integrity of their systems.