Last year Symantec, the anti-virus and computer security firm showed those viruses, malware, and other malicious activity on the Internet is rising exponentially. The study revealed 403 million strains of malware active on the Internet in 2011, up from 286 million in 2010. The study also showed a dramatic increase in the number of infected web sites.

The other interesting thing that the study revealed was that porn sites were NOT the main source of these bugs. On contrary, according to Symantec, church sites were three times as likely as porn sites to be infected. The reasoning behind these findings was simple, porn sites these days are being run by individuals and companies who have gained a lot of security experience and who have taken extra measures to prevent malicious virus, spyware, and malware. Church sites on the other had were usually run by less experienced webmasters and were being targeted because those surfing the sites had less sophistication about how to protect their computers and devices.

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