Consider Using Power PDF at Your Law Firm

Technology and IT support for law firms is incredibly important. More documents are scanned, copied and printed at law firms than at basically any other business. To ensure that your law firm is streamlining its IT, first make sure that you have updated away from Windows XP. This is the number one recommendation by IT service providers like ENTRUST of San Antonio. 

ENTRUST also recommends that law firms try updating their other old software. One of the most important updates to make is to change from Adobe Acrobat to Power PDF Advanced. Many law firms say they they are happy with Adobe Acrobat until they see the benefits of Power PDF Advanced. 

This new software gives law firms the ability to modify PDFs as well as create them. It is easy to incorporate Bates coding to any documents of a legal nature, and redactions are simple to perform as well. Right now, law firms can get Power PDF for around $150, and for the simplified version, the price is about $100. 

ENTRUST is a leading IT service provider in San Antonio and services many law firms in the area. Check out how you can use their services to streamline your law firm’s technology and possible incorporate Power PDF or Power PDF Advanced. ENTRUST can help interested law films find a 30 free trial of the software to ensure compatibility.