(This article comes from a newsletter we sent to potential clients over the last year or so, the information was current when the newsletter was published, but may be slightly dated if you are reading this for the first time today.)

Highlights from

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

By Mitchell R. Sowards

ENTRUST hosts quarterly “Technology Showcase” events to introduce new products, services and trends in technology to our customers and guests. Last month, we were very excited to host “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread,” a demonstration of enhanced Security and Email protection services. In this whitepaper, we’ve included highlights from the event to to bring you up to speed.

Introducing Trustwave and Mimecast, two security suites featured during last month’s event. Trustwave offers next generation security products to keep your systems and data safe from sophisticated hackers and spammers. Mimecast offers email management solutions to address one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

Web Security Facts

60% of the top 100 US Web sites contain malware. Gartner ®

75% of the Web sites that serve malware are legitimate sites which deliver it unknowingly. Gartner ®

59% of respondents said they’ve seen a jump in malware infections over the past12 months due, specifically, to insecure mobile devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets while 51% said their organization has experienced adata breach due to insecure devices. Ponemon®

12% of targeted malware were detected by traditional Anti-virus solutions, based on investigation conducted by Trustwave SpiderLabs.

In 2007, traditional protections blocked 97% of attacks. In 2011, that number dropped to 40%, leaving you vulnerable to 60% of attacks. Global Security Report 2011

The bottom line is that the number one way that computers get compromised is through simple web browsing in seemingly legitimate places (not email or adult sites), and traditional protections are no longer sufficient.

N.Shield & Trustwave Nextgen Protection

The solution to this malware gap is to implement additional protections. ENTRUST’s N.Shield service adds an extra layer of web filtering between you and your users while monitoring all your organization’s web activities. N.Shield includes:

Web Filtering

Protects users from attacks while internet browsing

Monitoring and Reporting on User Web Activities

Enhanced Firewall Management and Reporting

Monthly Security Report

Snapshot of network, detailing current threats and potential problems

Recommendations for best practices based on your specific business type and requirements

Annual Security Review

Overview of the entire year, including documentation and procedures

Explanation of security vulnerabilities and risks

Recommendations for resolving issues

Security planning to identify future weaknesses

ENTRUST Security Portal: One-stop for all things security related

Web-based portal to view current and previous security reports

Review top threat reports and white papers to stay updated on local and global threats

In cases where N.Shield alone is not sufficient, we also offer dedicated Trustwave web gateways to completely clamp down on all web traffic flowing to/from your organization’s offices.

Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM): Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

As important as enhanced web security is, it pales in comparison to enhanced email management. For years, customers have been asking for an email archive solution that:

Provides automatic and transparent email archives without any user interaction or effort

Keeps local mailboxes “clean” to reduce the workload on servers and the huge burden of backing up years of emails

Provides a fast and powerful search tool to find old emails no matter where they are filed

Provides automatic enforcement of retention policies

Mimecast UEM is the perfect combination of on-premise and cloud services, delivering email security, continuity and archiving in the cloud. UEM provides essential cloud services for Microsoft Exchange, providing total end-to-end control of business email, while minimizing risk and reducing cost and complexity. Mimecast UEM offers the following features:

Email Security: Blocks spam and viruses “in the cloud” before they get to your servers or PCs

100% Email Continuity: Guarantees that even if your on premise email server is “down” that your users can continue to send and receive email through a cloud based failover service until such time as your primary mail server is available again.

Bottomless Email Archive: ALL your email (external and internal) gets automatically and safely archived in a fashion that guarantees

Compliance for regulatory purposes

Legal hold and legal research as needed

Automatic enforcement of retention policies

Large Email Attachments: Allows you to send emails with large attachments to any recipient anywhere, regardless of the size restrictions recipients might have in place

Secure Email Transmission: Allows you to enforce encryption policies to ensure that email is transmitted securely – safe from interception in transit and ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulations regarding privacy of client information

All Features are delivered through a Convenient Outlook Interface: Users don’t need to learn anything especially new.  They can continue to handle all email operations, including those on old, archived data, through the familiar Outlook interface.

Users can continue to file emails in the same folders: Mimecast will replicate that folder structure in the archive and make it visible and accessible through Outlook the same way as users have always accessed Outlook folders.


ENTRUST offers all of these services today. To see the features and benefits of the Trustwave and Mimecast products in action for yourself, please contact us directly to schedule a one-on-one demonstration.

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