Reasons to Back up your Network Data


Professional IT services in San Antonio urge you to back up all your network data. If you don’t, you could lose vital information. You also could suffer loss after a disaster.

You should back up your data to prepare for one of the following scenarios:

  • A fire or flood damages your property. Physical storage will help as long as you keep the backup files in a safe place away from heat or moisture. However, experts also recommend cloud storage as a second backup.
  • Someone hacks your system. This will allow you to recover data even if someone has stolen some of it and deleted important files. It will also help if someone planted malware onto your system to commit identity theft.
  • You cannot access your administrative account. Sometimes hackers can exploit your system in such a way that they can replace your administrator account on it. If you cannot log into your administrative user account, this is why. You need to keep an extra copy of your entire system just in case this happens.
  • Your hard drive failed. If your computer crashed and your hard drive malfunctioned, you will need a backup of your data. Later, you can recover all the information you need as long as you updated your backup files regularly.
  • A virus infected one of your computers. If you cannot even use your computer, you may need to revert to an earlier time when it worked better. If so, you can use it as if a virus never took place. You can also still recover your old files.